Estonian Drama Theatre

This is the biggest drama company in Estonia. During a year approximately 500 performances are given to a total audience of more than 100 000. Since 1999, Priit Pedajas has been the artistic director of the Estonian Drama Theatre and since 2006 the theatre has been under the management of the actor Rein Oja. 

Theatre NO99

Teater NO99Theatre NO99 was founded in 2004 and produced its first play in 2005. Three to four new plays are produced each season. Ene-Liis Semper–Tiit Ojasoo and the troupe often cooperate to create plays by improvising scenes and texts using the ideas of the directors as reference points. The production ultimately takes shape through these improvisations. 

Theatre NO99 has been awarded Europe Theatre Prize for New Theatrical Realities.

NUKU theatre

NUKU Theatre, formerly known as the Estonian State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1952 as the first theatre for children in Estonia. For decades it worked under the leadership of its founder Ferdinand Veike. The theatre, set in the historical Old Town of Tallinn, is part of a unique puppetry centre which also includes the interactive puppetry museum and the international puppetry and visual theatre festival NuQ Treff.

Russian Drama Theatre of Estonia


Russian Drama Theatre of Estonia was established in December 1948. It resides in a magnificent building in the very center of Tallinn, next to the Old Town. The house of the theatre is famous for its splendid and unique interiors. It was built in 1926 and originally was intended for the luxury cinema. Today it’s considered to be the most beautiful theatre building in Scandinavia.

Tallinn City Theatre

This theatre was founded by the legendary Estonian stage director Voldemar Panso, who under excuse that there was no theatre for children and young people in the capital, established in 1965 in Tallinn a new theatre called the Estonian State Youth Theatre. A new rise came in 1992, when Elmo Nüganen became the artistic director and Raivo Põldmaa the managing director. In 1994, the company became a municipal theatre and was renamed to the Tallinn City Theatre. 
Since 2000, the international theatre festival “Midwinter Night’s Dream” is organized. 

Ugala Theatre

Ugala logo

The Ugala Theatre was first established as a semi-professional company in Viljandi in 1920; in 1926 it became fully professional.

In 1981 the theatre got a new and spacious theatre building, the most modern in the country at that time. In 2007 Viljandi Drama theatre became a Foundation – SA Ugala Teater. Since 2014 the artistic director of Ugala Theatre is an actor, playwright and director Ott Aardam and managing director Kristiina Alliksaar.

Rakvere Theatre

Rakvere Teater

Rakvere Theatre was opened in 1940 which made Rakvere the smallest town in Europe to have its own professional theatre. Since 1994 Rakvere Teater is also the organiser of a biannual contemporary theatre festival BALTOSCANDAL.

Detailed information about the venues, troupe and repertoire:

Theatre Vanemuine

This is the oldest theatre in Estonia, founded in Tartu in 1870. It was also the first professional theatre in Estonia (1906) and is the only three-genre theatre in the country, staging operas, operettas and musicals, classical ballet and modern dance, and drama.


Tartu New Theatre

Tartu Uus TeaterAt present Tartu New Theatre is not a house or a stage or a group or a paying job, but rather an open platform for new ideas. This theatre is based on the possibility that theatre can only exist upon free will, not because of a tradition, occupation or obligation. 

With every new performance Tartu New Theatre wants to explain itself, if necessary re-interpret "theatre" in it’s name – only then can the "new" be honest in Tartu New Theatre.

Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Kanut - uus logo

Kanuti Gildi SAAL was the first independent production house and performing arts centre in Estonia opened in 2002. It has been devoted to independent artists and companies in all performing arts fields ever since the beginning.

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