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See the latest info of Estonian theatre

See the latest info of Estonian theatre

Kohtumine valguskunstnik Yaron Abulafiaga 11. mail Tallinna Linnateatris

01.05.2017 17:14

Eesti Lavastuskunstnike Liit kutsub teid kohtumisele valguskunstnik Yaron Abulafiaga, mis toimub neljapäeval, 11. mail kl 15.00 Tallinna Linnateatri Taevalaval.

Rahvusvahelise haardega nimekas valguskunstnik tutvustab praktiliste näidete kaudu oma töömeetodeid ja esitleb raamatut "The Art of Light on Stage" (2016, Routledge).

Kohtumisele on sissepääs vaba. Registreerumine meiliaadressil info@lavastuskunst.ee.
Kontakt: Illimar Vihmar +372 5341 6670


We would like to invite the theatre, dance and opera community of Estonia - professional directors and choreographers, lighting-set-and-costume designers, theatre lecturers-students and technicians, to participate in the symposium on May 11th at The City Theatre / Linnateater.

Best regards,
Dr. Yaron Abulafia


Award-winning performance designer Yaron Abulafia has designed over 200 performances, installations, concerts and TV shows internationally. He has designed for Staatsballett Berlin, English National Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater, the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, Rambert Dance Company, Opera Ballett am Rhein Dusseldorf, Compañía Nacioanl de Danza Spain and Ballet BC in Vancouver – to mention but a few.

In his book The Art of Light on Stage, Abulafia focusses on the new tendencies of lighting design for contemporary ‘post dramatic’ performance, approaching lighting design from semiotic and phenomenological perspectives, with reference to cognitive studies and the arts. Abulafia introduce a conceptual framework for the analysis of the bodily experience, the meaning and the autonomy of light in contemporary performance, considering light as a performer and the ‘sculptor’ of spatial perception. In his academic writings – as well as in his performance designs – Abulafia explores the ‘performativity’ of light, examines the boundaries of its autonomy from the narrative and works to interweave dramaturgy of light along with the creation of other media in the performance.

Abulafia is in-demand visiting lecturer in universities and art academies around the world. He holds a PhD, Masters degree in Scenography, and B.A. in theatre studies. Abulafia was honoured to take part as a jury member in the most distinguished international exhibition of performance design – World Stage Design 2013 – organized by OISTAT once in 4 years.

The event will be held in Estonian (1st presentation) and English (last two presentations).

Dr. Yaron Abulafia (BA, MFA, PhD)
Performance Designer
Lecturer for Lighting Design

Member of OISTAT
The International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians

Invited Member of AAI
The Spanish Association of Lighting Designers

Member of ALD
The Association of Lighting Designers UK

Book’s website: