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Estonian Theatre Union

19.04.2022 16:57

The Estonian Theatre Union is an umbrella organisation for the associations of the performing arts sector. It was founded to preserve, develop and value Estonian theatre culture, promote theatre professions and encourage the creative work of its members. The Estonian Theatre Association was founded in 1987 and is the legal successor of the Estonian SSR Theatre Association (founded in 1945). Professional associations and unions belonging to the Estonian Theatre Union as an umbrella organization: The Theatre Union's activities are based on the protection and representation of the social, economic, employment and professional rights and interests of its members. Since 1992, the  Theatre Union has been negotiating with the Government of the Republic as one member of TALO (Estonian Employees' Union's Confederation) to improve the salary conditions of theatre employees. In addition, the Theatre Union continues with the tasks of its professional association, coordinates the activities of the juries of annual theatre awards and nominal awards, and organizes the ceremonial presentation of the awards. The council and the board manage the work of the Theatre Union in between general meetings.  Since 2021, Gert Raudsep is the Chairman of the Theatre Union and Riina Viiding is the Secretary.