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The Estonian Theatre Agency is a development and competence center in the field of Estonian performing arts, the main activities of which are:

  • Playwriting and copyrights. The Agency is the main promoter of Estonian playwriting. The Agency stands for the ethical and professional functioning of the theatre field by mediating the copyrights of authors and translators.
  • Theatre information and statistics. The Agency gathers, mediates and records information related to the field of performing arts and Estonian theatre statistics.
  • Internationalization of Estonian Theatre. The Agency promotes the arrival of Estonian theatre on foreign stages by translating and distributing Estonian playwriting, organizing a performing arts showcase and introducing Estonian theatre abroad. The Agency acts as the Estonian Centre of the International Theatre Organization ITI.

The Estonian Theatre Agency is a private foundation that was founded in 2007 by the Estonian Theatre Union and the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions.

The Estonian Theatre Agency was born as a result of merging two previously operating organizations – private limited company Estonian Drama Agency (founded in 1994, its partners were Estonian state and Tallinn city government) and private limited company Theatre Association Information Center (founded in 2001 by the Estonian Theatre Union), to consolidate the support services in the field of performing arts into one organization and thus strengthen the quality of services already provided and to expand their scope.

The Estonian Theatre Agency took over the rights and duties of both institutions and considers its period of operation since the establishment of the Drama Agency in 1994.