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Sigma Tau-C705

Esietendus 16. märtsil 2008 suures saalis
Director: Merle Karusoo
Artist: Pille Jänes (guest)

Cast: Rein Oja, Tiit Sukk, Mait Malmsten, Mari-Liis Lill, Laine Mägi.

A group work based on documentary material and a play by Enn Vetemaa and Erki Aule, The Glory and Misery of Gustav Naan.

NAAN: "Young people, imagine a long stairway and a ball of yarn placed on the very edge of a step of the stairs. (Ines hands him a ball of yarn which Naan places on the edge of the table.) See, the situation of this ball can be described as metastable. Unless somehing happens it will stay there eternally. But it only takes a small nudge to send the ball rolling down the steps ... The Republic of Estonia did not even last half a century. Because it was a metastable formation."

JOEL: "So if a new independent Republic of Estonia should ever be born then it would also remain in the constant threat of rolling down the steps of history?"

NAAN: "Exactly."