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The yearbook of Estonian theatre statistics 2007

02.09.2008 16:00

The present yearbook of theatre statistics is the fourth one. Since the year 2008 the yearbook is published by the Estonian Theatre Agency that was born at the beginning of 2008 by joining the Information Centre of the Estonian Theatre Union and the Estonian Drama Agency and continues the work of both institutions.

The yearbook has been compiled in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture and Estonian theatres as previously. “Estonian Theatre Statistics 2007” comprises different aspects of theatre, consisting of three sub-sections: repertoire statistics, statistics of performing activities and visitors, and economic statistics. statistical data have been collected for the calendar year, not for the theatrical season characteristic of theatre activities. The publication provides the list of new productions and for the whole repertoire of the year 2007, as well as short overviews of the theatres.

Different from the previous year, the present yearbook includes some theatres that in 2007 did not get subsidies from the Ministry of Culture: Salong-Theatre, non-profit association Kell Kümme and Emajõe Suveteater (Nargen Opera is subsidised through the Music Department of the Ministry of Culture). Let us hope that during the next years more theatres will be added to the statistical yearbook and as a result the overview of the estonian theatre will be more complete. At the moment the statistical yearbook focuses only on the activities of professional theatres. As an annex the present publication provides an overview of amateur theatres compiled by Kristiina Oomer, president of the Estonian Amateur Theatre Association.

Publisher Estonian Theatre Agency, 2008