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New ballet soloists in the Estonian National Ballet are Anna Roberta and Ali Urata

15.09.2022 17:27

On Saturday, September 10 in 2022, after the performance of "The Twilight Houses", the artistic director of the Estonian National Ballet, Linnar Looris, announced two new soloists: Anna Roberta and Ali Urata. Until now, both danced as demi-soloists in the ranks of the Estonian National Ballet.

Anna Roberta finished Tallinn Ballet School in 2017 with honours (the class of Kaja Kreitzberg) and joined the Estonian National Ballet in the same year. She has attended several masterclasses and participated successfully in international competitions. Anna Roberta has won international recognition by receiving Grand Prix and 1st place at the Liepaja Ballet Competition and 3rd place at the Tallinn International Ballet Competition. In 2020, she received the Colleague Award of the Estonian National Opera and Eesti Postimees enlisted her in the list of “100 Faces” as a “Rising Star”. In 2021, she received the MyFitness Dance Award.

Ali Urata began his dance studies in Narumi Ballet Studio in Japan (2005–2008), continued at Novosibirsk Ballet Academy (2008–2010) and finished at Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich (2011–2014). He joined the Estonian National Ballet in 2014. In 2021, he received the MyFitness Dance Award.

Photo: Anna Roberta and Ali Urata /  Estonian National Ballet