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Maria Metsalu to perform The Well at Managing Discomfort Performancefestival

29.02.2024 15:03

On February 29th and March 1st, 2024 the Estonian performing artist Maria Metsalu will be performing The Well at the Managing Discomfort Performancefestival in Copenhagen, Denmark. The shows are set to take place in Husets Teater.

The Well by Metsalu tells the story of an isolated figure lowered into a well by her four psychoanalysts, where on her leather couch she is tasked with writing to give the world a new structure. She is a composer. She is a magician and an alchemist. Through the narrative of this tragic protagonist, the non-narrative performance deals with an individual apocalypse in a liminal space. The performance space becomes an erotic mindscape, an internal and secret place, a confinement of the misbehaving deviant body secluded from reality, hearing what should not be heard, seeing things that are not there.

What is more, a week earlier, on February 22nd and 23rd, Metsalu also gave performances with her newest work, Kultuur at the Managing Discomfort Performancefestival.

Managing Discomfort Performancefestival, presented by Toaster and Live Art Denmark, includes a number of Danish and international artists whose works have the common denominator that they all deal with discomfort, but process it with care and humor. The festival stretches over seven weeks and each week two new performances are presented, which are staged as a double-bill at Husets Teater. 

Read more at the homepage of Toaster.

Photo from the performance The Well. Photographer: Alana Proosa