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Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase takes place in Tallinn

06.05.2022 14:44

The end of May 2022 brings to the Estonian audience the pick of Baltic visual theatre: 13 captivating productions and 21 performances from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The festival programme offers shows for (small) children and young and adult viewers; both classical puppet theatre as well as exciting searches from visual theatre landscapes; detective stories and circus; both unconstrained joie de vivre as well as topical and emotional journeys.

Most of the productions have no text, the rest have subtitles in Estonian and English. Performances are given in four locations in Tallinn: Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences, Sakala 3 theatre house, Kanuti Gild’s SAAL and the Russian Theatre.

The festival is organised in co-operation with Vilnius puppet theatre Lele and the Latvian centre of ASSITEJ, the international union of theatres for children and young people. The festival brings together productions mainly of theatres with a puppetry background, but the programme also includes so-called verbal theatre makers’ exciting experiments on the visual theatre scene.

Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase will take place on 27th-29th May 2022.

See the productions and purchase tickets HERE.

More information:
Leino Rei
Manager of the Festival
[email protected]