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Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy Performing Arts Department

Posti 1, 71004 Viljandi

Viljandi Culture Academy provides higher education with Tartu University’s label of quality, self-perception of our own culture and a strong sense of identity, multi-faceted creativity and a communication network for life!

The performing arts curriculum connects profiles of performance, direction, design, execution, pedagogy and organisation in five specialities: director, actor, dance teacher, visual technologist and technical producer. The inter-specialty joint study environment allows the students to shape their individual study paths rather flexibly. We welcome students interested in performing arts in their diversity, proceeding from specific speciality interests.

The performing arts curriculum is headed by Taavet Jansen.


A director is a creator able to see his or her creative impulses through the moving body, physical object, visual image, psychological relationship, written word or conceptual idea, and transform the artistic vision into an integral whole in different spaces.

A dance teacher is inspired by the human body in movement and is capable of transmitting this experience.

An actor is his or her body and voice, as well as an artist able to teach themselves.

In visual technology, there are three specialisations: lighting designer, video designer and scenic artist. The first two create and build lighting and video solutions in different spaces, and the scenic artist helps transform the worlds imagined by those in performing arts into reality.

A technical producer has an overview and understanding of technical specialities, is able to coordinate other people’s work and creation making sure the technical solutions for art events are created on time.