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Estonian Union of Small Theatres and Project Theatres

Lauliku 51, 10919 Tallinn

The objective of the Estonian Union of Small Theatres and Project Theatres (Eesti Väike- ja Projektiteatrite Liit / EVPL) is to provide a platform for interaction for members, amplify the voice of small and project theatres on the public arena by representing them and to have joint representation in cooperation with third parties.

The Union has established a series of meetings called “Vestlusring” in order to meet representatives of interesting professions and institutions, and create a platform for closer cooperation between small and project theatres. Theatre enthusiasts who are non-members are welcome to participate in the meetings.

The Union was established on November 06, 2013, by eight small theatres. Currently, the Union has 12 member theatres.

Members of the board include Allan Kress (Chairman, Banaanikala Projektiteater), Märt Meos (R.A.A.A.M./Vaba Lava), Margus Prangel (Von Glehni Teater), Renee Nõmmik (Fine 5 Dance Theatre), Külli Reinumägi (Oma Lava).