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The travelling of dramatic texts and memory patterns. The case of Estonian memory theatre

27.01.2021 16:52

Kruuspere, Piret 2020. The travelling of dramatic texts and memory patterns. The case of Estonian memory theatre. – Nordic Theatre Studies, vol. 32, no. 2. https://tidsskrift.dk/nts/article/view/124347/171581

Abstract. The article discusses Estonian memory theatre in the 1970s–90s and at the beginning of the twenty-first century in the framework of transnational/transcultural influences. Dwelling on Jeanette R. Malkin’s definition of memory theatre as a theatre that both imitates the flow of memories and initiates the process of remembrance, and relying on the concepts of transnational and transcultural memory, I analyze the dramatic texts of Estonian playwrights Rein Saluri and Madis Kõiv, likewise the works of female stage director Merle Karusoo. I focus on the phenomenon of travelling memory, introduced by scholar of literature and culture, Astrid Erll, and engage a comparative approach to the texts and stage interpretations. Through the media of texts and mnemonic forms in motion and on the basis of particular case studies, I examine how stories/narratives, memory patterns, and mnemonic practices have crossed cultural borderlines and been performed on different (Estonian, Finnish, Estonian-Russian, Austrian) stages, and how they have primarily launched hidden or blurred memories.

Keywords. Transnational/transcultural/travelling memory, memory narratives and practices, memory forms/patterns, Estonian memory theatre, Rein Saluri, Merle Karusoo.