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Festival of Spooky Action at a Distance

Kopli 27, Tallinn

Festival of Spooky Action at a Distance is an annual international festival of transdisciplinary performing arts organized by eˉlektron. Our third edition is filled with live performances, music programs, workshop, discussions and a bookshop by artists from Estonia, Portugal, Ukraine, Latvia, the Netherlands and the UK.

The concept of spooky action at a distance, first described by Albert Einstein, describes how an object can be affected without being physically touched by another object. Just like we get touched, provoked, inspired by words, images, sounds. Just how arts, sciences, technologies and culture constantly influence each other.

For three days and nights we will be exploring this phenomenon with the focus on the montage between natural and artificial, natural and synthetic. We invite artists whose experimental and risky creations we appreciate and therefore we want a wider audience to get to know them. And we believe that a small festival is a perfect concentrated environment where the visitor can get to know artists’ creative language.