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Tartu Student Theatre

Kalevi 24, 51010 Tartu

Tartu Student Theatre is a small theatre established on the basis of University of Tartu students’ drama club on October 01, 1999, at the initiative of Kalev Kudu. The theatre is characterised by an alternative approach and lack of its own venue, which has forced the theatre to find new and alternative venues. The theatre is mostly made up of students, who join the company every year during trials, and older members and alumni, who perform together with the young actors and manage the studio work.

The theatre’s mission is to bring new or undiscovered authors to the audience by using a unique theatre language and novel venues. The theatre wishes to offer students the opportunity to get involved in high-level theatre art. The managing director is Kelly Kittus.

From 2012, the theatre organises the international independent theatres’ and student theatres’ festival A-festival.