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Tammsaare Theatre


At the beginning of 2011, the company that had operated for years as Tallinna Toomklubi hobby club - A. H. Tammsaare theatre, decided to start its independent life as the NGO Tammsaare Theatre. An active and unified company was formed, who found a dedicated audience and its place in Tallinn’s culturescape with unique medieval events and performances. In 2014, the decision was made to continue as a creative company  without a company manager. The repertoire depends on directors Reet Paavel and Allan Kress.

In 2016, Reet Paavel’s production N. Simoni "Sekstett a'la carte" received the Grand Prix at the Harju County Amateur Theatre Festival. In 2018, actor Andres Kask was recognised for his role as the Son in A. Camus' "The Misunderstanding" with the Best Actor award at the National Amateur Theatre Festival.

The theatre primarily performs in the Diele hall of the Hopner building in Tallinn (Raekoja plats 18), but also in Von Glehni Teater etc.