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Tallinn City Theatre

Lai 23, Tallinn 10133

Tallinn City Theatre is a repertory theatre with more than half a century of experience. Employing a resident company of 32 actors, Tallinn City Theatre is known for great ensemble acting and imaginative productions.

The present Tallinn City Theatre is going through a phase of transition. Theatre has temporarily moved out of its unique medieval building on Lai Street while it’s being reconstructed to accommodate a bigger audience. If all goes according to plan, the renovated theatre complex will open for public in 2024.

Since then, Tallinn City Theatre plays mostly at the Salme Cultural Centre (address Salme 12, Tallinn), where the theatre can use the big stage for nine months a year, and two black boxes on the top floor all year round. By the way, Salme Cultural Centre is the place where the theatre started off in the mid-sixties, and their theatre hall remained the main venue of the theatre until early 1990s.

Since 2021 the artistic director of the theatre is Uku Uusberg and the general manager is Mihkel Kübar.