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Rakvere Theatre

Rakvere, 44314, Kreutzwaldi 2a

Rakvere Theatre, opened in 1940, is a professional repertoire theatre in a small northeastern town Rakvere, Estonia (approximately 100 km to the East from the capital Tallinn). Rakvere at present has ca 16 600 inhabitants. In Soviet times unconfirmed, but highly probable reports cited Rakvere as the smallest place with a theatre of its own in the whole empire. Rakvere Theatre is now considered to be the smallest town in Europe which has its own professional repertory theatre.

Rakvere Theatre is a well-known brand that equals to a good ensemble work of its 18 actors with collaboration of the best Estonian guest directors and risky choices for productions. Rakvere Theatre also organizes the biannual contemporary theatre festival Baltoscandal that was the first international theatre festival in the Baltic States.

The artistic director of Rakvere Theatre is Peeter Raudsepp and the managing director is Velvo Väli.