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Estonian Association of Theatre Researchers and Theatre Critics

Uus 5, 10111 Tallinn

Estonian Association of Theatre Researchers and Theatre Critics (ETUKÜ) is a voluntary professional association, which brings together people involved in theatre research and criticism and those engaged in teaching them. ETUKÜ was established on October 13, 2012, with the merger of two Estonian Theatre Union societies and the Estonian Theatre Researchers Union and the Estonian Theatre Critics Union (established in 1993). In November of the same year, a merger agreement was concluded with the Estonian Theatre Union, on the basis of which ETUKÜ became a sub-union of the Estonian Theatre Union. ETUKÜ also belongs to the International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT-IACT).

ETUKÜ was established to research and record theatre, as well as to advance theatre criticism.  In addition, the Association mediates professional information and advances theatre education. With the help and leadership of the Association, a number of conferences, discussions and seminars are organised throughout the year.

The Estonian Association of Theatre Researchers and Theatre Critics supports the publication of specialist literature. As much as possible, the Association has supported the young theatre researchers’ spring school programme initiated by Tartu University’s theatre students.

The Association issues the Good Theatre Award to recognise a person or an institution considered remarkable in Estonian theatre, the corresponding creative sector or specific creative project by ETUKÜ members. The list of award recipients is available on the Association’s homepage.

Once a quarter, a newsletter is published, which introduces the professional activities of the Association’s members.

The Association has 50 members and since the beginning of 2022, the board includes Anneli Saro (Chairwoman), Kristel Nõlvak, Marie Pullerits and Katre Väli.