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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre / EAMT

Tatari 13, 10116 Tallinn

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) is a public university specialised in music and theatre.

EAMT provides bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes in all the most relevant music specialities – from the organ and clavecin to jazz and heritage music–, and EAMT’s  Department of Drama prepares future actors, directors and dramaturgs. Additional information about the departments and specialities is available here.

The Academy has two study buildings: one is very modern and the other is medieval. The contemporary building is located in Tallinn City Centre (Tatari 13), the renovated building of the Department of Drama is located in Toompea (Toom-Kooli 4), dating back to the 14th century.

In 2019, the Academy of Music and Theatre opened a new concert and theatre building on Tatari street, with a 482- seat concert hall with world-class acoustics and excellent technical capacity. Also, the concert and theatre building houses a black box for 130 spectators, used primarily by students of drama and contemporary performing arts and jazz musicians.