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The EAMT Department of Classical Music Performance

Tatari 13 (D514), Tallinn

The EAMT Department of Classical Music Performance provides the possibility to learn all the most important classical and contemporary musical instruments, as well as singing and choral directing.

Voice studies on bachelor’s level focus on a repertoire from Baroque to late Romanticism. The main focus is on individual lessons, while regularly held concerts offer performance opportunities for the students. It is considered important that the students are given a comprehensive preparation for their future work on concert stages and in professional opera theatres: the curriculum includes acting skills and the theory of theatre, elocution and stage speech, body techniques and stage movement, as well as dance and stage makeup from different eras. In the opera classes, roles and excerpts from operas are prepared with guidance from different directors, conductors, choreographers and pianists. Every spring, a full opera is performed to the public.

Students in the master’s programme can focus more specifically on opera or oratorial and ensemble singing. A teaching module is also available.

The Opera Studio, used in voice studies’ opera specialisation, has staged close to 50 operas over the years, most in cooperation with professional (musical)theatres, directors and conductors.  Thomas Wiedenhofer and Georg Rootering (Germany), Pekka Saloma and Ilkka Bäckman (Finland), Kim von Binzer (Denmark) and Giorgio Bongiovanni (Italy) have all worked with students of the Opera Studio. There is also cooperation with EAMT’s Symphony Orchestra and the Estonian Academy of Art’s scenography students, who participate in staging Opera Studio productions.