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Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre


The mission of the Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre is to achieve prominent, high-level and esteemed contemporary Estonian circus in Estonia and abroad. The non-profit was established on September 12, 2014, by Estonian contemporary circus organisations and artists.

The Circus Centre organises the celebration of World Circus Day, trainings, the Baltic circus festival EPICIRQ and participation in international projects and networks.

Members of the Centre are the Society of Estonian Magicians, Piip and Tuut Theatre, Circus Studio Folie, circus school Tsirkusekool, Society of Dance and Circus Therapy, CAK Productions OÜ, Carousel Company, Big Wolf Company, Circus SaboK and circus festival EPICIRQ Art Director Grete Gross (freelance artist) and Head of Organisation Karmen Aasanurm.

The members of the board are Terje Bernadt and Grete Gross.