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Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions

Kreutzwaldi 2a, 44314 Rakvere

ASBL Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions (MTÜ Eesti Etendusasutuste Liit /EETEAL) is an association of employers representing 20 Estonian theatres.

EETEAL is the successor of the Estonian Association of Theatre Managers (established in 1991). On February 06, 2006, the organisation changed its legal status and name, however, its main goals remains  creating the necessary conditions for the development of stage arts and representing the common interests of its members.

EETEAL brings together the most varied aspects of Estonian stage arts. Symbolically, it is expressed by the fact that the association was established by a public law body – the National Opera Estonia and a small private theatre Von Krahl. The interests of EETEAL are all the common activities and initiatives important to the members, for instance, formulating and implementing a financing scheme for the sector, organising the work field with the help of collective agreements, communication with other cultural organisations, legislative initiatives, social dialogue with the state and employers, practical questions like ticket sales systems, training or running of festivals.

EETEAL has been a member of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation since 2006, full member of the Performing Arts Employers’ Associations League Europe/PEARLE* continuing the membership of the Estonian Association of Theatre Managers since 1998.

Since 2019, Juta Saarevet has been the Executive Manager and Kristiina Alliksaar has been the Chairman of the Management Board.