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Inbetween Belonging

Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia, Kymbali Williams Creative Productions OÜ
Kymbali Williams
Kymbali Williams
CPPM Manifestal
May 28th, 2024 at the Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Author-Director Kymbali Williams (GHA/UK/EST)
Sound designer Ilya Korjukin (EST)
Lighting designer Rommi Ruttas (EST)
Performers Kymbali Williams, Hanna Junti (EST), Liisbeth Kala (EST), Maria Paiste (EST)
Production CPPM Manifestal, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Kymbali Williams Creative Productions OÜ
Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and Kanuti Gildi SAAL

A vibration forms

                                     A song takes you there

                                                                                 A banger to resonate through time

"Kuulumise vahel | Inbetween Belonging" is an audiovisual concert-performance that delves into the complexities of belonging.

We all know that one song, that one dance, that for a moment unites us briefly. Creating fleeting waves of togetherness, trying to find ways of connecting. "Kuulumise vahel | Inbetween Belonging" explores the complex layers one experiences whilst yearning to belong to their self, community, or nation. It explores globally-influenced Estonians who embark on a journey to their roots whilst forging connections away from "home". 

With the performers, each navigating their own path to belonging, the performance weaves together a tapestry of stories through song, dance, and ritual. "Kuulumise vahel | Inbetween Belonging" invites you to embark on a transformative exploration of what it means to be a stranger, and the lifelong pursuit of finding a sense of belonging.

Kymbali Williams (1997) is a London-raised, multi-instrumentalist producer, composer and interdisciplinary performance artist now based in Estonia. Her artistic practice delves into the world of audiovisual space exploration, weaving together elements of voice, movement, and intercultural performance.

She studied a BA in Creative Music Technology at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London, graduating in 2019. During her studies, she was exposed to the fields of sound production, engineering and surround sound. The exposure to these tools sparked interest in how they can be applied to the performing arts. 

In 2021, Kymbali released her self-produced, debut album ‘Laulud kui Linnud’, which is a homage to Estonian language, folklore and poetry. She also completed numerous TikTok challenges where she arranged and performed different styles of music. The audiovisual series, Dream River, reflects her early desire to explore textual, auditory and visual languages as a whole.

Kymbali recently was a performer and composer in Giacomo Veronesi’s Border EUphoria at Steirischer Herbst festival.

Through her artistic research she aims to create symbiosis between audiovisual immersive environments and physical performance, re-imagining the connection between physicality, musicality and technology.