VII NU Performance: Paper piece

Autor: Andrius Katinas, Vera Nevanlinna, Salla Salin

Idee: Andrius Katinas
Koreograafia ja installatsioon: Andrius Katinas, Vera Nevanlinna, Salla Salin
Esitus: Andrius Katinas, Ninu Lindfors, Vera Nevanlinna, Saara Norvio, Vera Tegelman
Valguskujundus: Meri Ekola
Helikujundus: Tuomas Norvio
Tehniline personal Tallinnas: Nanni Vapaavuori (valgus), Joonas Pehrsson (heli)

It is a letter to God, whom we don't believe in. A postcard to a lover, whom we don't know. It is a
landscape of hopes and fears. A medieval poem we tear apart in order to face the unknown.

As the name of the work suggests, the main focus and idea of Paper Piece lies on different choreographic and performative treatments of paper as the main choreographic medium. Navigating between dance, installation and performance art, this stage work studies the concept of spectacle as a vestige of faith, authentic experience, rituals and divinity.

The idea originates from Andrius Katinas’ solo WORK, which was premiered in Zodiak in the fall of 2013. The main artistic team consists of two choreographer-performers, Andrius Katinas and Vera Nevanlinna, and of visual artist, spatial designer Salla Salin.

Produktsioon: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Andrius Katinas
Esietendus: 9.4.2015 Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Helsinki


Meri Ekola received her M.A. in lighting design from the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. She has gained experience by working in the wide field of performing arts and architectural lighting design. Her work as a lighting designer has led her to question the expressive limits of lighting. In recent years she has concentrated in working on a lighting design able to carry an active part in the performance, as taking a role of a performer. This has led her to experiment with the medium of light in the installation context as well. Her latest collaborators are Hotel Pro Forma and Opera de la Monnaie de Munt amongst others.

Andrius Katinas is Lithuanian dance artist based in Finland. He studied theatre and dance arts at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and Theatre Academy of Finland. Since 1999 he actively working as performer and choreographer both in Finland and Lithuania. His main focus lies in different modes of collaboration and continuous search of new approaches and perspectives in dance making.

Ninu Lindfors received her MA in Dance from the Theatre Academy / the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2000. She has worked as a dancer for Finnish choreographers and companies, such as Jenni Kivelä, Helsinki Dance Company, Tero Saarinen Company and Liisa Risu. Since 2008 she has been working as a choreographer in Taittuu Prison Theatre.

Vera Nevanlinna studied at Helsinki Dance Institute and Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts in Helsinki, Finland, from where she graduated in 1998 with a M.A. in Dance Studies. Since then she has studied dance in New York and worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer. Vera has worked with ChameckiLerner, Miguel Gutierrez, Deborah Hay, Mart Kangro, Thomas Lehmen, Kirsi Monni, Eeva Muilu, Liisa Risu, Ervi Sirén, Katri Soini and Paula Tuovinen among others. Vera has done interdisciplinary art productions with sculptor Maria Duncker, photographer Elina Brotherus, film director Kimmo Leed, violinist Pekka Kuusisto and the band Rinneradio. Between 2009 and 2011, Vera was the Artistic director of Zodiak – Center for New Dance in Helsinki. Vera has also been a drummer in the band Branded Women from 1999 to 2001 and in addition to her dance studies she graduated as a photographer from Muurla folk high school. She is currently a guest dancer with Cullbergbaletten, Sweden, in Deborah Hay's choreography Figure a Sea and is doing Yoga teacher studies in Helsinki, Finland.

Saara Norvio (nee Töyrylä) is a Helsinki based dancer and dance maker. She has graduated from Theater Academy Helsinki in 2008 and has been working since in various performances and projects.

Tuomas Norvio works as a sound designer, composer, musician, mixer and producer, on stage as well as in the studio. His background is in electronic music and works nowadays between different art forms and genres. Norvio is interested in using acoustic and concrete sounds like a base of his work. He has made music and sound for contemporary dance, circus and theatre, installations, documentary films and different artists. He has been credited for his work with Säde, Teosto and Prix Italia prizes.

Salla Salin is a Finnish artist based in Helsinki. Her practice is informed by investigations on the structures and concepts of reality, reflecting an understanding of space as a complex weft of relations. Working through several media, both as a solo artist and in various collaborative projects, Salin creates spaces and situations which frequently incorporate or balance between different disciplines. Manifesting mostly in large-scale immersive installations and/or interdisciplinary projects her work poses questions about the relationship between perception and existence.
Salin has graduated with an MFA degree both in visual art (2014) and performing arts (2005). Her work has been widely exhibited and performed both in Finland and internationally.

Vera Selene Tegelman is a Helsinki based freelance dancer.  She graduated as a Master of Dance from Theatre Academy of Helsinki in 2009. She is interested in researching new performativity in the context of contemporary art.  Since graduation, she has worked with Finnish young generation choreographer's such as Heli Meklin and Virva Talonen, with the grand old master Tommi Kitti and his company, with Tsuumi Dance Theatre and internationally recognised visual theatre and contemporary circus company WHS. In the latter, also as a choreographer in the company’s piece 'Lähtö' ('Départ).

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